Acupuncture has existed for around 4000 to 5000 years and first originated as a medical practice in China. The underlying basis of the practice of acupuncture is a thorough observation of the human condition, the origin of diseases and their gradual progress and the context in which they develop.
The individual person is seen as a part of a larger whole, contrary to a Western, more dual way of thinking.

Acupuncture works with Qi, often referred to as ‘energy’. Qi moves and is responsible for the inside of the body, as well as for the outside: it makes you grow, it warms the body, it moves the body and makes the blood flow, etc…
Qi circulates through the body, following certain interconnected paths. These paths are known as ‘meridians’.
Every meridian has its own energy and every point on the meridian has its own specific energy and properties. Disruption of the energy flow is caused by emotional or physical problems.
Other reasons, such as the climate or external pathogens (= anything that can produce disease) may cause the energy flow to be disturbed.
To solve these problems, the acupuncture-points on the meridians are stimulated with the use of small needles. When I put a needle in an acupuncture-point, the Qi of this point and its meridian will be moved and influenced.

From the moment of conception onwards, you will be susceptible to influences caused by nature and by your surroundings. You will need to maintain and develop yourself in this environment.
In the best of circumstances you will be balanced out with your surroundings, you’ll be healthy and your Qi will flow evenly through your meridians.
Though quite often there’ll be imbalances. These imbalances may, immediately, or in the long run, be the cause of complaints and illnesses.

To ward off these complaints and illnesses, acupuncture treatment will strengthen the natural defense systems against pathogens and your individual strength will be called upon and developed. The balance will be restored. During the treatment you will learn more about yourself. The treatment is specifically adapted to you. Acupuncture is gaining more and more recognition all over the Western world and is seen as a treatment one should certainly consider.